The Worlds of Patrick Stutzman

The following list of authors are ones whose works I personally enjoy and highly recommend to you for reading. This list may grow as time goes on, so check back regularly.
Click on a cover for more info.
Terry Brooks
Works: the Landover series, the Shannara series
Heidi Ruby Miller
Works: Ambasadora, Greenshift
Cary Caffrey
Works: The Girls from Alcyone
R. A. Salvatore
Works: the Dark Elf trilogy, the Icewind Dale trilogy, Vector Prime
Matt Forbeck
Works: Amortals, Carpathia, Vegas Knights
Michael Stackpole
Works: Age of Discovery trilogy, Crown Colonies trilogy, Star Wars: X-Wing novels
T. M. Hunter
Works: Friends In Deed, Heroes Die Young, Seeker
T. K. Toppin
Works: The Lancaster Rule, The Master Key, The Eternal Knot
Diana Ilinca
Works: Zirconya